Skin Rebalancing Protocol

A step-by-step guide to creating a science-based, non-toxic skincare routine that heals ADULT acne and promotes clear, glowing skin

Maybe you...

  • Are utterly confused with skincare and nothing ever seems to work for you
  • Have wasted so much money on skincare and supplements with little to no effectiveness
  • Have dry, sensitive skin with acne and most products just irritate it
  • Have oily, congested skin
  • Struggle with skin-colored bumps (comedones), blackheads or whiteheads
  • Have tried many over-the-counter treatments, such as benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, Differin gel, topical tretinoin, antibiotics, etc, but acne and breakouts still persist
  • Have dull skin and nothing works to bring back that glow
  • Your acne scars and hyperpigmentation take forever to fade
  • Are afraid to quit your acne treatments out of fear of having even more acne
  • Are struggling with both persistent breakouts and aging skin

You might feel like you have tried everything and the more you try to figure out what to do, the more you are confused. Internet will do that!

I've been there, too. Then, about 10 years ago, I started to learn about skin from trusted dermatology sources and peer-reviewed scientific research.

That's when I finally had a breakthrough and understood what to do!

Here’s why you still haven’t found skincare that works:

1. Most of the skincare products formulated for “acne-prone” skin are NOT fit for adult acne-prone skin.

Over-the-counter acne treatments and many conventional products made for "acne prone" skin may be making your acne worse because most of those products can only (sometimes!) work for oily teenage skin, NOT adult skin with acne (especially not dry, tight or sensitive skin).

To heal adult acne, we need to carefully design a skincare routine that supports what I call the Healthy Trio: a resilient skin barrier, optimal skin’s pH (acid mantle) and a balanced skin microbiome.

2. Your skincare routine isn’t fit for the current condition of your skin.

No matter your skin type, your skincare should make your skin feel comfortable and calm. We need to treat the skin condition, not just pick products for a particular skin type!

If your skin is feeling tight, sensitive or irritated, and your skincare isn’t helping you solve those problems, you are not really making any progress!

3. You are using products your skin isn’t ready for yet.

Powerful skincare ingredients, such as exfoliating acids, retinoids and vitamin C can be very helpful, but only if your skin is READY for them! If your skin is not ready, those products WON'T work as advertised and will just irritate your skin even more (causing more breakouts!).

4. You are using natural ingredients that actually aren't good for the skin.

Regardless of whether an ingredient is natural or not, it can be irritating or clogging your skin. Also, 100% natural skincare isn't for everyone! There are many natural ingredients that are comedogenic and/or irritating, and only a small subset of "natural" skincare actually promotes clear skin.

5. Your skincare doesn't contain the right COMBINATION of skin healing and acne-fighting ingredients.

You need to have a routine that supports healthy skin AND helps you solve your skin issues. If you have been using a simple skincare so far, it can still contain products and ingredients that are slowing down your progress.

In addition, your skin may be ready for a skincare change that can make it clearer, smoother and more glowing - FASTER!


What if, with the right skincare routine for YOUR skin, you could:

- Stop obsessing over your skin, and be confident that you are on the right track?

- Stop experimenting and have a routine that works, even better so with time?

- Finally see some progress in how clear and calm your skin is?

- Go out, live your life to the fullest without worrying that people will look at your skin?

- Not say NO to social events because your skin is having a particularly bad day?

- Look in the mirror every morning, smile and simply move on with your life?

- Use your time, energy and money on something much better than throwing it on new skincare (that doesn't work most of the time anyway)?

- Feel good in your own skin, and allow your true self to shine through? Wouldn't that be groundbreaking?!

This may sound impossible right now, but it really isn't!

Here’s how I'd learned my skincare mistakes the hard way (which you don’t have to!):

I struggled with cystic acne and skin-colored bumps from my early teenage years and well into my 20s.

I was always eating a healthy diet and leading a healthy lifestyle, so I really couldn’t figure out what was causing this bad skin that was so debilitating!

My confidence was non-existent and the shame over my skin infiltrated into every aspect of my life. Put simply; my skin had more power over how I led my life than anything else.

What was I doing wrong?!

I had tried everything under the sun except Accutane, including:

  • Dermatologists and their prescription creams and medications
  • Antibiotics (several rounds)
  • Hormonal birth control pills
  • Over-the-counter acne treatments (you name it, I tried it)
  • Professional treatments (peels, extractions, etc.)

…and much, much more.

Finally, I decided to take matters into my own hands, and use my background in molecular biology (in which I hold a Masters Degree) to learn as much as I could about skin.


This is the only "Before" picture I have, and it was taken when my skin was nearly acne-free. I still had lots of skin-colored bumps on my forehead and chin. The "After" picture is after one year of my new and improved skincare routine.

What I had learned finally allowed me to understand how the skin works and use that knowledge to heal my skin after so many years.

I realized (to my utter horror!) how damaging my skincare really was!!

What I wasn’t hearing from anybody (and it would have made my skin better so much quicker) was that I wasn’t supporting the health of my skin at all.

My skincare was making my skin worse, raising inflammation and creating a perfect environment for overgrowth of acne bacteria. Not just that, it was also speeding up skin aging!

Once I started applying what I’ve learned, my skin started to heal, and within a year, it was COMPLETELY clear.

Finally, I got my confidence back and stopped wasting so much money and energy on my skin!

Today, I actually enjoy my own skin, something I NEVER thought would be possible! At the age of 32, my skin actually looks better (and younger) than it did in my early 20s!

And let me tell you: It is possible for YOU, too!


What if I told you there is a tried and tested blueprint for transforming your skincare routine into the one that accelerates acne healing?

A skincare routine that:

- Isn't one-size-fits-all kind of thing, but instead tailored specifically to YOUR skin (to include natural or more conventional skincare, depending on your skin)

- Actually works for sensitive ADULT acne-prone skin

- Takes into account everything your skin has been through (super important!)

- Supports healthy skin AND provides gentle, yet effective acne-fighting properties

- Uses the best of the effective natural ingredients and scientifically proven ones within gentle, non-toxic formulas

- Helps to slow down skin aging for a lifetime of youthful skin

- Works with your skin's natural mechanisms to bring out your natural glow!

- Teaches you how to prioritize what to fix first (based on the acne type you have, skin condition, etc), and what to take care of second, etc, to get the best results!

"Calling all acne sufferers, those with sensitive skin and congestion, this is for you!! It's the only guide you'll ever need to calm down your inflammation, decongest those pores and reveal smooth, calm and glowing skin. The methods she recommends are the ONLY things that have helped me tackle the last of my stubborn breakouts, scarring and pigmentation. I'm going to say it...this has helped me improve my skin more than any dietary changes. Yep that's right! ......Thanks Sara! So wonderful to have a clear voice in the confusing skin world."

- Lauren Campbell, Naturopath & Fertility Massage Therapist

"Hi Sara! First of all, I love this program! I’ve been struggling with super bad acne since March 2017. It just randomly flared up when I was having stomach problems back then. Since then, I’ve completely changed my diet and that helped.

Now, with this program, my skin feels soooo much better! I believe I am in the balance phase now. I feel much more confident in my skin in only the couple of weeks I've been applying the knowledge from the program!"

- Madison Warner, Founder of Coffee Dates With Maddie

Madison's skincare routine was simple, and looked fine from the outside, but it wasn't fit for her skin. With just some simple tweaks, she got noticeable results in under a month!

“My skin was very sensitive, breaking out to almost anything I put on it and I didn’t know what to do anymore. My face had gotten so bad and there is scarring and I can’t go anywhere without makeup which I hate wearing. Only several months later…My skin has improved so much! I am so thankful for everything I have learned from Sara.” - Sarah

"I cannot say enough amazing things about you and your work! My skin has made incredible improvements on both the right and left side of my face. I am SO happy!" - Sylvia

In this self-paced online course, you’ll learn:

  • Why the mainstream approach to clearing up acne doesn't work for ADULT acne and what to do instead
  • Everything in your skincare routine that is irritating or clogging your skin and stalling your progress to beautiful clear skin
  • How to safely reduce medicated acne treatments without causing even more breakouts once you stop
  • How to reduce inflammatory (red, painful) acne, blackheads, clogged pores, and bumpy skin (comedones)
  • How to cleanse acne-prone skin correctly and common mistakes to avoid that are damaging your skin
  • How to find the best exfoliating routine for your skin (step-by-step guides to using both natural and more conventional products are included, depending on what your skin prefers)
  • The best way to moisturize acne-prone skin without clogging your pores, with specific advice tailored to each skin type and skin condition
  • Which scientifically proven ingredients you can use to get clearer skin, but ONLY when your skin is ready (otherwise, they can irritate your skin!)
  • Natural ingredients and easy DIY recipes you can make yourself to heal breakouts and acne scars
  • How to fade different types of acne scars for brighter and smoother skin
  • How to create the best skincare routine for YOUR skin, whether you need oil-free skincare or your skin loves mostly natural skincare (I give exact instructions for both)

...and so much more!!!


A step-by-step guide to creating a science-based, non-toxic skincare routine that heals adult acne and promotes clear, glowing skin.

Based on scientific research AND the experiences of hundreds of people I have helped in the past 6 years.

Your Instructor

Sara Sumic, MSc
Sara Sumic, MSc

I am a molecular biologist and former scientist of 10 years very passionate about healthy, clear and radiant skin!

Over the past 6 years, I have been coaching hundreds of women (and some men!) with adult acne, helping them get clear skin. I have learned a lot in the process (what works in the real world and what doesn't!), distilling it all into my courses and coaching.

One thing is for sure: A good diet + good skincare routine at the same time give the BEST and quickest results! This is why I now have a course that focuses on a skincare routine (Skin Rebalancing Protocol) and one with super easy, pro-metabolic skin healing recipes.

I sincerely hope I can lend you a helping hand on your skin journey, too!


Skin Rebalancing Protocol is a self-paced, 100% online program you can take wherever you are in the world. Here’s what’s inside:

Course Curriculum

When you start the course, you will go through 3 main phases: ELIMINATE, BALANCE and ENRICH.

Here's what you can expect from each:

You will learn which ingredients (both natural and conventional), products, and gadgets are hindering your progress to beautiful clear skin, and how to cut them out the right way.

You will also learn which skincare ingredients are powerful replacements for the common acne treatments and how to include them in your skincare routine.

Here are some of the acne treatments you will learn how to use and then eliminate properly:

1. Benzoyl peroxide

2. Retin-A and other retinoids

3. Topical antibiotics

4. Various exfoliating treatments (BHAs, AHAs) and how to use them correctly if your skin responds well to them

5. Adapalene (Differin gel)

6. Epiduo

7. Harsh scrubs like Proactiv and St.Ives

...and more!

You will learn how to proceed based on your acne type, your current routine, and your skin condition.

Your skin will find its healthy balance again and we will optimize your cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing routine.

Many people will find that their acne retreats already in this phase because we introduce some powerful ingredients that strengthen the skin barrier and actively reduce clogged pores and acne.

This phase also prepares your skin for the next one, making it receptive of some really powerful multi-taskers in skincare, which, when introduced too early will just irritate your skin and not provide the advertised benefits!

You can expect even clearer, smoother and more glowing skin. I will give you the exact instructions on how to include skincare ingredients that fade acne scars, slow down skin aging, and reduce bumpy skin (comedones, blackheads and whiteheads).

Going through these phases will ensure that your skin is healthy and RECEPTIVE of the right acne-fighting ingredients that promote beautiful clear skin.

Your skin will only get better with time!

Get started now!

Why your skin must go through these 3 phases to find its true glow!

Eliminate -> Balance -> Enrich

"Just wanted to show you some before and after pictures of my healing process. I have a few hyperpigmentation spots but I’m so HAPPY with my progress! I can't thank you enough for everything!" - Gabriella

“I finally have mostly clear skin! When I was about 12 years old I started developing acne which would soon worsen as the years went by. I’ve been to numerous dermatologists and doctors, I’ve gone vegan, paleo, I’ve self-supplemented, and even went to various naturopaths, but nothing seemed to help.

Sara helped me find all the missing pieces! I am still amazed at the fact that I’ve noticed such a huge improvement in my skin in only several months!"

- Ria

“I finally have clear skin again! I struggled with clogged pores that would get inflamed and nothing was working. Thankfully, I found Sara who explained which products I was using weren’t right for me, and which ones to replace them with and how to use them properly. Within just 3 months my skin is the best it has looked in a long time!”

- Si, Yoga Instructor

This course is for you if you:

  • Are struggling with persistent inflamed acne, skin-colored bumps, whiteheads or blackheads (regardless of your skin type) and your current skincare isn't working well to get you clearer skin
  • Are eating healthy and leading a healthy lifestyle, but your skin lacks healthy glow and is aging fast
  • Are still using over-the-counter acne treatments (or drugstore products formulated for "acne-prone" skin)
  • Want to transition into a more natural and non-toxic skincare routine without causing more acne and breakouts
  • Already have a simple skincare routine that works fine, but your skin still needs improvement
  • Need to optimize your oil-free routine (because your skin doesn't tolerate oils and natural skincare) and are confused with what to do

In fact, if any of the above applies to you, don't do ANYTHING until you get this guide! There are too many mistakes to be made, and I don't want you wasting your precious time, money and energy on things that don't work!

This course is NOT for you if you:

  • Are not willing to introduce changes into your skincare routine
  • Prefer experimenting with new skincare products instead of finding a routine that works
  • Are NOT willing to learn more about your skin, go through the course lessons (both text and video/audio) and are just looking for a quick fix
  • Have severe acne and your skin cannot tolerate much skincare at all
  • Already have a skincare routine that works (and continues to help you see improvements in your skin) and you are confident in your knowledge about skincare
  • Have dermatitis, rosacea, or other skin condition that would largely limit your skincare options (if you have rosacea, I recommend working directly with me!)

“Prior to purchasing the Skin Rebalancing Protocol I had tried various things to help my skin, and nothing helped that much in the long term. I honestly hated my skin! Persistent cystic acne made me feel extremely self conscious, my skin felt dry and dull and I felt that it had started to age prematurely. I would never leave the house without makeup on and I felt quite a lot of anxiety and depression around how my skin looked.

My skin is so much better now! I am also super happy with my skincare routine. I have finally something that works for me and me and my skin are both very happy with it! I feel that as soon as I implemented the skincare changes I noticed a huge difference in how my skin looked and felt. The dietary and lifestyle changes take a bit longer but with commitment and time also made the world of difference to my acne and the balance of my hormones in general.

I am so happy when I look in the mirror now! Not only does it look better but it feels better, more calm and moisturised and brighter. Its crazy when I think what an impact this has had on my life but I have been so much happier and comfortable in my own skin. Having the Skin Rebalancing Protocol as a guide to help me understand my skin better and Sara´s 1:1 coaching to support me in my journey has been an absolute life saver!"

- Olivia

"Before meeting Sara on Instagram, I tried so many things to clear my hormonal acne. Trying to stay as natural as possible I tried various essential oils, facial treatments, but nothing seemed to work long term.

At that point (almost now 3 years ago) I gave up hope on ever having clear skin. I was angry at myself for being on birth control in the first place and thereafter causing so much havoc after going off of it. My self esteem was deeply affected.

When I signed up with Sara, I worried I was wasting yet more time and money. I simply thought nothing could help me.

However following Sara on IG diligently for months (post notifications are always on!), I knew she understood skin like no one else. She wasn't advising fancy or expensive topicals. Instead she was teaching people how to understand their skin and underlying causes of acne. Her scientific background made explanations so clear and concise. Everything she said made complete sense.

My skin is finally at place where I stopped aiming for perfection and respect the work it is doing. Honestly I stopped being in battle with my skin and every pimple on my face. From Sara I understood that I must work on maintaining a healthy skin barrier. I simplified my routine under her advice. I went from attempting to dry out every pimple on my face to realizing my skin was crying out for hydration. I respected the integrity of my skin and stayed patient. My skin has improved sooooo much. I didn't realize how much until I compared my before pics. The cystic acne is gone, my skin feels hydrated and the occasional imperfections don't bother me anymore.

Now I look forward to taking care of my skin rather than being so upset with it. I'm not wasting money on expensive facial, creams etc. The added bonus is that I'm able to guide my 3 daughters to respect and care for their skin as well. I am so grateful for the chance I took with Sara and her Skin Rebalancing Protocol!"

- Amer

"I just wanted to update you. So it’s been about 4-5 months since I followed your skin rebalancing regimen, I haven’t always been perfect and am in the balance phase, but my skin HAS SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVED!!! I have now also been off birth control for a month. Thanks so much Sara, I really really appreciate your response and how the Protocol changed my approach to my skin!!! Honestly THANK YOU so much for sharing your knowledge with the world!" - Gabriella


Upon enrollment, you'll have immediate access to all course content, including:

Video Lessons

Audio Lessons


Helpful Links/Resources

And because I want to give you an INCREDIBLE value with this course, you will also get 2 BONUSES!

20 Skincare Rules to Follow For Life

Cheatsheet with all of the most important tips and "rules" to follow to make sure you are on the right track at all times!

My Grocery Shopping List

Not sure which foods are clear skin friendly? Use my grocery shopping list the next time you go for produce shopping!

"I just wanted to reach out to tell you how thankful I am to have come into contact with you! This summer was the summer my skin freaked out, reasons not definitive, but suspected: hormone, product, and food driven/influenced. As someone who previously only looked at their face to put on makeup, I have become the person constantly evaluating their skin, never passing up a chance to inspect at close range when a mirror is in reach. I look in the mirror today and see imperfections- acne scars from the painful, cystic acne, and a couple zits here and there. It’s hard to feel like I’m in a good place- until I look at past pictures. Wow!!! What a difference!

My skin just 2 months ago was oily, angry and red. When I see what it looks like today compared to then, and i have you to thank. I’ve completely changed the products I use, and I now find myself going make up FREE in public, something the old me with perfect skin would NEVER have done. You’ve given me knowledge, confidence and improvement. THANK YOU." - Maria

"I’ve learned so much from you! My skin has been slowly but surely improving. It’s SO exciting! Here is my skin from a few days ago. Hardly any active acne in comparison to a few months ago. The scaring is pretty dark on my left cheek. Looking so much better though, it feels great to see progress!"

- Eden

We are currently working on preventing the new congestion and also treating the acne scars.

"I'm so pleased with my results and finally understanding what really suits my skin!

Before I purchased the Skin Rebalancing Protocol I had transitioned from using anything labelled "for acne prone skin" to natural skincare. I had learned that those harsh cleansers etc. weren't good for my skin and then tried oil cleansing. Initially my skin got a bit better but inflammation persisted. I kept trying every product that beauty bloggers recommended.

I felt like my skin was impossible to work with and just couldn't figure out which products would benefit me and which just weren't suitable for my skin.

I grew really tired of wasting my money on products that were supposed to be so amazing and weren't doing anything good.

After consultation with Sara, she advised me to ditch oils and with the routine we created my skin started getting better very soon. I finally learned what my skin needs and which ingredients to avoid and the results have been amazing. Not to mention the stress and constant worry about my skin went away!

Now I truly understand that everyones skin is different and that no matter how great recommendations some products might get, it might not work for me."

- Heli


Here's the deal, I believe that this course is so amazing and unlike anything out there, so powerful and life-changing, I am willing to GUARANTEE that you will see improvement in your skin within 60 days.

I am SO confident that it will deliver MASSIVE value; it is worth at LEAST 10x the price!

If you decide this isn’t working for you within 60 days of purchase, contact me, tell me how you followed the method in the course, your full skincare routine and why it didn't work, and I’ll issue you a prompt FULL refund.

The truth is, our skin is so complex and claiming that just ONE thing can transform it is just a scam.

So I am not promising you beautiful, clear skin overnight with a magical skincare routine.

But let me tell you this: Well over 90% of women I have worked with or helped with via social media or email (hundreds of them) were actually DAMAGING their skin with their skincare routine (unknowingly, of course!) or not doing enough to get clear skin.

In fact, they were working hard to eat healthy, support their skin from the inside, all the while their skincare routine was stalling their progress!

Our skincare matters a LOT on our journey to clear skin, and yet so much of the skincare advice is simply:


2. Not aligned with the true needs of YOUR skin

My program is based on high-quality scientific research and takes into account the uniqueness of your skin!

It will teach you what to prioritize when it comes to your skin, what needs to be fixed first, and what can (and should) wait.

You will know what to do for the rest of your life as your skin goes through phases of acne outbreaks, dryness, excess oil, etc.

You will know how to adjust your routine accordingly and be confident that it works!


"I was taking lots of medicated acne treatments for years, and my skin was ok while on them, but would break out as soon as I stopped them. I turned to Sara for advice and my skin is finally healing without acne medications!"

- Nadia Caroline

"Before trying the program, I used to try a lot of different products without thinking about the needs of my skin. I was basically a perfect target for all the marketing around acne. I would buy products that were targeting different things (acne, scars, hydration, ...) and used them without any order. None of them worked, obviously.

I was feeling so bad about my skin at that time, I was obsessing about it and feeling truly desperate. It of course impacted my self-esteem and I was getting anxious about going out without make-up, even just for a walk in the neighborhood.

I wanted to get tailored help, to be coached and guided to understand my skin, how it worked and what it needed. I needed someone reliable and experienced in that field to tell/teach me what to do to finally get clear skin.

At that time, I was dealing with painful cysts, blackheads and sometimes whiteheads and was pretty convinced that my acne was mostly psychosomatic (and felt guilty about it).

I first took all the free courses I could and it totally blew my mind and completely changed the way I was seeing my skin and overall.

My skin has improved so much since then!

I can get a pimple that doesn't even come to its end anymore around my period, but that's it. I don't obsess with my skin anymore, it's just comfortable and I can totally go make-up free without even thinking about it! It is such a relief! To get there, I really committed to change my habits in different areas : skincare, but also diet, beliefs, hormones balance, sleep and physical activity.

I think the three major factors that helped clearing my skin were the skincare (my skin was really suffering from all the products I was using), getting enough rest and sleep, and quitting soy products. It took me 4 months to get there because I regularly made small deviations, about the diet mostly, but I consider it as fast results giving the fact that I had been struggling with acne for 5 years.

Now, I just feel good and comfortable about my skin. I trust it again and do not expect to have another pimple that grew up during the night every morning. I finally feel normal, like all those people who don't even seem to know they have got skin on their face!

I would add for potential future readers that if they are truly decided to make changes and to commit for their own good and the one of their skin, then this is the best way to invest their money and get fast and sure results."

- Elodie

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts as soon as you enroll and never ends! It is an entirely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own, plus all the future updates!
What if I am unhappy with the course?
If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me in the first 60 days, explain how you followed the guide and I will give you a FULL refund.
Do you use only natural ingredients?
No, the course is not limited to the natural ingredients only, there are also more conventional products that are safe to use. However, if you choose to, you can create a 100% natural skincare routine according to the instructions in the course as I provide wonderful DIY recipes and exact instructions on how to use them. If you need an oil-free skincare routine, I also give exact instructions on how to do that and which skincare ingredients and products to use, and how.
Do I have to use oils and oil cleansing?
NO! Oils don't work for a lot of people, and the course takes that into account and doesn't push the oils. You will get detailed instructions on how to introduce oils if you want to, but you can completely avoid them and create an amazing routine without them. You will get all the info you need to do just that inside the course!
Will I have to buy lots of new skincare products?
Absolutely not! The changes you will introduce will be gradual, and to start with, you can use gentle natural ingredients that are very inexpensive. Most people are able to use most of the products they currently own, only in a different way (perhaps pausing some of them to use again later). You may need to purchase 1-2 products in addition, and I provide product recommendations for every budget.
Do you recommend only non-toxic skincare?
I try my best to! All of the recommended products are from reputable brands, most of which have completely non-toxic formulations. However, it is ultimately up to you to decide what you are comfortable with (mainstream products vs 100% natural ones), and I will have options for you either way!
How is this different from a typical cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing routine?
My favorite question! This course is SO much more than just recommending a cookie-cutter routine for everybody. You will learn to interpret what your skin responds well to and ADJUST your routine accordingly. Not just that, the TIMING of use of different products is very important. You will go through 3 phases: ELIMINATE, BALANCE, and ENRICH, which is super important for the best results. You could, for example, reap great benefits from a product if used when your skin is ready (in the right phase), but it may only aggravate your acne if your skin barrier is still unhappy!
Can't I just find this information for free?
Some of it you can surely find online, but those are just fragmented pieces that are very difficult to put together in the best way for someone who hasn't had as much experience working with people as I have. I have spent the last 10+ years researching so much about the skin, healing my own acne after a decade-long battle, and working with hundreds of women for the past 6 years, learning first hand what works and what doesn't. In short, you will get a detailed, step-by-step guide to making the best skincare routine for YOU that will save you both time and money! Honestly, I haven't encountered anything like this online course on the internet, so if you did, send it my way!:)
Is this information available on your blog (I have been following your tips from there)?
About 20% of it you can find in some form on my blog (yes, even if you read everything on my website, 80% of the course will still be new to you!). Most of it will relate to the importance of healthy skin, and parts that I teach in the BALANCE phase. Chances are that you are in the BALANCE phase already if you have been following my tips from Healthy Skin Glows. However, the majority of the information in the course is completely NEW information, even to those of you who have been following me for a long time, simply because it took me years to be confident in my knowledge and put it all together! If you are currently in the BALANCE phase, ENRICH phase will really take your skincare to a new level!
Can I take the course if I am on hormonal birth control or using oral antibiotics?
YES! You can definitely take the course, and actually, benefit from it a lot! It is desirable that you support the health of your skin from the inside too (healthy diet, sleep, exercising, etc), but having a good skincare routine can help you no matter what.
How long will it take to see improvements in my skin?
This is very individual, and it will vary from a few weeks to several months or even more. It depends on whether you are also addressing your acne causes (with diet, supplements, etc) at the same time as improving your skincare routine. If you are unsure what to eat for clear skin and what causes your acne, try eating only foods from my grocery list BONUS pdf (you'll find it within the course, in the EXTRAS section) for at least a few months. You can also choose the option to work with me, so I can pinpoint your acne causes and help you eliminate them (as painlessly as possible, I promise!).
Will I have to follow your eating plan to get results?
NO! It is important to follow a healthy diet to have healthy and clear skin, but if you are already doing that, a good skincare routine, as explained in the Skin Rebalancing Protocol, can help you see significant improvements in your skin! You can also check out my Simple Skin Healing Recipes mini online course that contains not only easy and yummy recipes for clear skin, but also my dietary guidelines overview (which food triggers you may want to explore).
What is the difference between the course-only and Personalized Plan package?
For the basic package, you must go through the course materials yourself and create your routine. No worries, with the newest updates to the course, this is super easy! It will help you determine your acne type and how to proceed based on that and your current routine (or lack thereof). Of course, I won't leave you hanging! I will be there for you via email whenever you are stuck and I will make sure your skincare routine is good, but should you need more personalized help, you can easily upgrade your package at any time by just paying the difference in packages, and I will create a personalized routine for you! The personalized Plan package is more elaborate and I will work with you on your diet, skincare, and natural supplements. This gives you a much more holistic approach to healing your skin than the basic package and you get 4-month email follow up plus free access to the Simple Skin Healing Recipes course.
What if I discover I need more help from you?
If you purchase the course-only package, you can upgrade to the Personalized Plan at any time by simply paying the difference from what you had already paid for the course, after which you will be sent a questionnaire to fill out (which allows me to learn about your situation in-depth), and we can get started! :)

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3. How to reduce adult acne and slown down skin aging at the same time?

4. How to heal acne scars and hyperpigmentation using the latest scientific findings?

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"I feel like I can finally be myself again and feel confident + without pain on my face! Thank you so much Sara!!"

- Summer


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